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About NCPA

A leading Institution in Asia that provides public governance and administration programmes for regional and international organisations.


Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) at NTU is a leading institution in Asia that provides public governance and administration training programmes for regional and international organisations. It is the first higher learning institution in Singapore that is certified by China’s State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs to conduct executive development programmes for Chinese government officials and professionals.

As a premier training institution, NCPA promotes good governance and public services, facilitates knowledge exchanges, and strengthens cooperation among governments across the world.

While NCPA is fully aligned with NTU’s high-quality teaching, it also places equal emphasis on its research direction and has formed strategic collaborations with world-renowned institutions and governments in various emerging fields worldwide.

NCPA offers four graduate programmes, namely the Master of Science in Managerial Economics (Chinese), the Master of Public Administration (English, Chinese), and the Master of Arts in Contemporary China (English). In addition, the Executive Development Programmes provide theme-based learning in public administration and public policy, urban planning and management, social management, and higher education management and internationalisation development.

Among its 17,000 alumni, many are holding decision-making positions at all levels of government in their countries, including ministerial-level leaders, mayors and heads of organisations. NCPA has received students from all over China and other nations such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand.

NCPA also conducts and facilitates interdisciplinary fellowship and research programmes focusing on public administration, economic policies, environmental issues, health care and social welfare policies, as well as economic development. It will tirelessly continue to pursue excellence in academic and research standards as it sets the foundation to build a world-class institution in public administration.