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Lien International Conference


Lien International Conference on Good Governance 2017: Forging Ahead Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Globalization​

Sharing session on Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance at the 2017 Lien Conference on Good Governance​​

Edited eBook published for the 2017 Lien International Conference:​​ Forging Ahead Toward an Inclusive and Sustainable Globalisation: Selected Articles from the 2017 Lien International Conference​

The Lien Conference on Public Administration is an annual international conference jointly organised by the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration at NTU, and the School of International and Public Affairs at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We are also honoured to have the American Society for Public Administration and its Section on Chinese Public Administration as our co-organisers.

Generously sponsored by the Lien Foundation, the Conference gathers local and international academics, practitioners and researchers to examine major issues in public service delivery and evaluation, especially from cross-country comparative perspectives.​​​