Master of Arts in Contemporary China


Master of Arts in Contemporary China (MACC)

Analyse, Anticipate and Strategies.
Master the complexities of China’s political, economic and social challenges.
Designed for mid-career professionals seeking a holistic understand of China today, MACC delivers a profound insight into china’s political, economic and social climate, and its regional and global impact.   Led by renowned faculty of multi-disciplinary specialists, MACC offers inspiring class participation and networking opportunities with students from diverse backgrounds, as well as China Immersion and exchange programmes.
Through empirical analyses and case studies, MACC delivers an insightful study of the evolving social, economic and political development of China and its regional and global impact.

Application for August 2017 Admission
Application Closing Date​ Admission Date​
​Local Applicants ​10 July 2017 ​August 2017
​International Applicants ​15 June 2017 ​August 2017