Lien Chinese Public Service Research

To improve government public management capacity and deliver quality public services to citizens and businesses is pivotal in building a service-oriented government and ensuring a smooth transition in China. 
The Lien Service-Oriented Government Index is sponsored by Lien Foundation and collaboratively conducted by Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) and prestigious universities in China to measure the quality of public service delivery and public management in over 30 cities across Mainland China.
Since the project started in 2010, it has proven to be easily operable and scientific in surveying how service-oriented the local government is in the various Mainland Chinese cities.
A key tracking mechanism of government in China, the Index ranks cities by their performance in service-oriented government, which is defined as “a government that is honest, effective, open and transparent, encourages citizen participation, creates a friendly environment for sustainable development, provides quality public goods and service, and enjoys a high level of public trust and support.”
The Index comprises three components: Citizen Satisfaction, Business Satisfaction, and Provision of General Public Service. The project annually releases the top 10 Chinese cities with service-oriented government and three sub-rankings in citizen satisfaction, business satisfaction, and provision of general public service.
All the municipalities, provincial capitals, capitals of the autonomous regions and vice provincial cities in Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and Taipei, have been covered and surveyed, making it possible to gauge citizens’ and businesses’ satisfaction with public services and government administration across 38 cities in the Greater China.
The research team employs computer-assisted telephone interview system to administer a large-scale telephone survey of randomly selected urban citizens and businesses, and on average 700 citizens and 100 enterprises were surveyed in each city. Since 2010, a total of 106,276 citizens and 15,514 businesses have been surveyed for the index, accumulating a rich database for further academic research.
The Index identified some crucial areas that may deserve policy attention. Not only is the longitudinal nature of the Lien survey data of great use for scholarly studies on a variety of important public administration issues, but also is instrumental for Chinese government to carry out public administration reform and to improve governance capacity and public service delivery.
The Index aims at benefit key stakeholders such as the Chinese city government, multinational corporations, academics and international institutes researching or studying public administration in China. Since 2010, a media conference is organised annually to release the research findings.
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