Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a top-notch global research-intensive university. With a rich history spanning half a century, it has nurtured a long tradition of learning, laid down a firm ideological foundation, put down deep roots in Asia and turned its eye to the entire world, in pursuit of both the truth and academic integrity that is concerned with social issues. Nestled in NTU’s scholarly environment, the Nanyang Centre of Public Administration (NCPA) has emerged as a first-class academic institution that provides education and training for Chinese officials. The NCPA has inherited NTU’s academic tradition, with an emphasis on topics pertaining to public administration and public policy research in China. It strives to shape an academic environment that is continuously in pursuit of excellence, gather together the best in humanities, marshal together renowned experts, promote innovation of knowledge and undertake research-based teaching. All these efforts have made NCPA a top-rate institution of public administration studies.

Research Niche

NCPA has reaped rich findings in the areas of politics, economics, social development and management relating to Singapore and China. One of its greatest advantages lies in its collection of research resources pertaining to Singapore and China. It combines outstanding academics’ research efforts in the areas of arts, science, engineering and commerce to produce multi- and cross-disciplinary research. The centre’s research strengths and edge lie in areas such as developmental politics and economics, China’s economic revolution, Singapore’s economic policy and development, China’s public administration and reform, city planning, development and management, sustainable development and environment management, new economics and logistics management.

Research Collaboration

NCPA collaborates with many renowned Chinese universities and conducts joint research on relevant policy issues that have a far-reaching impact.

Research Funding

The research fund aims to encourage research and practical application. Each year, NCPA receives S$1m from the Lien Foundation in support of ground-breaking research in public policy and sustainable development in China. In addition, the Lien Foundation donates an additional S$8m in support of NCPA’s research on the quality of public services in Chinese cities.