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China-Malaysia Relations under the BRI: Seeing beyond Mahathir/Najib

Published on: 25-Feb-2020

​Guanie Lim, a research fellow at NCPA, examined three of the biggest Belt and Road Initiative projects instigated under Malaysia's previous Najib Razak administration and also unpacked how (and to what extent) these projects have evolved under Interim PM Mahathir Mohamad's tenure.

Updating a joint work with Professor Liu Hong (published in Journal of Contemporary China in 2019), he shows that the degree to which the Belt and Road projects have been implemented is strongly linked to their conformance with three crucial variables: (1) fulfilment of Malaysia's longstanding pro-ethnic Malay policy; (2) a shared vision between the state and federal authorities; and (3) the advancement of geopolitical interests for both China and Malaysia.

Media Report:

Asia Dialogue, February 25, 2020

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