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Executive Development Programmes (Chinese)

Executive Development Programme (Chinese)

NCPA’s Executive Development Programme for Chinese government officials is highly recognised across all levels of China’s government, state-owned enterprises and educational institutions. Constantly evolving and developed over the last two decades, the programme is lauded for its teaching quality and comprehensive programme structure. The Centre offers world-class facilities and a strong team of teaching and managerial staff, as well as flexible training duration and courses to suit different needs. The Executive Development Programme emphasises on combining in-class teaching and site visits, providing students with opportunities to interact and gain international perspectives through visits to Singapore government ministries, statutory institutions, multi-national companies and educational institutions relevant to the course. The Centre also organises exciting extra-curricular activities, providing students with further opportunities to build long-lasting friendships. Students of the programme will gain instant access to NTU’s wide network of alumni upon completion. To date, NCPA's Executive Development Programme has trained more than 17,000 officials from China.

The duration of the Executive Development Programme and its course contents can be tailored to different needs. The short-term programme is a highly intensive and rigorous programme that lasts two to four weeks. Its scope includes the basic concepts, cutting-edge knowledge, the latest applications and the relevant Singapore experiences for a particular subject matter. The mid-term programme lasts one to three months and aims to strengthen the client’s abilities in comprehensive analysis and decision-making while expanding the client’s horizon and innovative thinking.

The core strength of the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration includes the following:

  • Public Administration
  • Innovation and Development in Social management
  • Globalization and Talent Strategy
  • Governance and Supervision Mechanisms of Modern Enterprises
  • Building a Clean and Efficient Government – The Singapore Experience
  • Medical and Health Management
  • Crisis Management of Public Emergencies
  • Management in Improving Strategic Thinking and Leadership
  • Singapore’s Economic Restructuring and Sustainable Economy Development Model – A Success Story
  • Building a World-Class and Livable Eco City – Singapore’s Urban Development and Management
  • Building and Management of a Harmonious Community
  • Going International – The NTU experience in high- efficiency management and development
  • Building a Ruling Party, Its Judiciary, Checks and Balances and Management
  • Higher Education Administrative Excellence
  • Innovation and Reformation in Pedagogy
  • Human Resources Management, Remuneration and Benefit Systematism
  • Smart Campus and IT Development
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in University
  • Belt and Road Initiative, etc.
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