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Graduate Programmes

The Master of Science in Managerial Economics (MME) and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) were launched in 1998 and 2005 respectively. These programmes used to be known as “Mayors’ Class”, and received the 2011 Business China Enterprise Award for their exemplary contributions in promoting Singapore-China bilateral ties.

NCPA offers six graduate programmes:

In Chinese,

Master of Public Administration (Executive MPA Programme)(March intake)

Master of Science (Managerial Economics) (Executive MME Programme)(March intake)

Master of Science (Managerial Economics)(Jul and Nov intake)

In English,

 Master of Public Administration (English)​​

 Master of Science (Managerial Economics) (English)​​

Master of Social Sciences (China and Global Governance) (English)

These programmes focus on improving the participants’ analytical, management and leadership skills. By incorporating real-life case studies and experiences into the curriculum, the programmes equip participants with the most current and practical skills and knowledge to address national issues. In addition, they will have opportunities to attend seminars hosted by Singapore leaders and industry experts. Visits to government agencies, statutory boards, and private corporations will also be arranged for them to obtain first-hand experience of Singapore’s public governance. This will enhance their effectiveness as public administrators, and enable them to apply best practices to bring about positive social and economic transformation in their countries.

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