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In the classrooms, our students from various professions and nationalities create a diverse and dynamic learning community, bringing with them global perspectives.​ MCGG is backed by the extensive NCPA alumni network of over 17,000 members in China and other countries, offering students professional development opportunities in Singapore and beyond.

​"​It has been a wonderful and memorable learning journey for me. After working for close to 17 years with Lianhe Zaobao Sports Desk, I have decided to embark on this learning experience on a part-time basis. I have put in two and half years to complete this programme, and through the process, made many good friends whom I am still constantly in touch with. This has been very useful for my current job scope as a correspondent with Lianhe Zaobao China desk.Prior to my present stint, I have been a sports journalist since joining this national Chinese flagship daily since 1996. Currently, with the strong background I have cultivated with my study at MACC on China, it has made an impact on my work with China desk. I am able to understand the relations between China and their foreign counterparts better."

Kwok Ka-Hui (Class of 2016)
China Desk Correspondent​
Lianhe Zaobao 

​“I enrolled in the MACC program thinking it would be practically useful in my work involving China, but it proved to be far more than that. I gained deeper insights into the rich culture, history and  outlook of China than I expected, making for a more interesting and useful program. Learning from and beside these interesting people, from a culture so different from my own, gave a complete new dimension to the experience and brought it to a very human, personal level. I know of no other course where one is learning both from and beside the people whose country and customs one is studying. I thoroughly recommend the program to provide not merely knowledge about China but a better understanding of what has made her and a deeper feeling for her people.”​

Cameron Ford (Class of 2015)
Squire Patton B​oggs​

​​“A friend asked me recently why I couldn't read up these subjects on my own if I am so interested in contemporary China. Of course you can. But how many of us would do it in a structured and systematic way if left to our own devices, while holding down a job? I am glad i took the dive and signed up as a student proper. It's only been a few months, but I already feel the benefits of this education. Through the Chinese literature class, I now understand why Yu Hua writes with the occasional streak of violence; through the history class, I finally deciphered why May 4th was such an important movement in modern China; and through the globalisation class, I better appreciate China's insistence on viewing US as the number one hegemonic state. And it is a bonus that you can buy pretty decent 60-cents kopi from the canteen on the way to class!”

Huang Weixian (Class of 2015)
Assistant Vice President, English Current Affairs
Channel NewsAsia, MediaCorp

"Applying and studying for MACC was an easy decision given the diversity of course subjects - from China's political system, to its role in the global economy, or on the cultural aspect such as transnational Chinese Cinema. The whole course provided me a different perspective when it comes to looking at China - a perspective only unique to Asians and Chinese. Unique courses such as Chinese Overseas and China in Regional and Global Perspectives by Prof. Liu Hong, provided me a stronger understanding on China's connection and role in the East Asia Region and how it impacts me as a Southeast Asian. I fully recommend this course given how much I was able to utilize and impart the knowledge MACC provided to me, whether when I was working in the Philippine Defense Department or working in a Tech company."

​Juliene Svetlana Cruz (Class of 2015)
Senior Digital Market Researcher
Sqreem Technologies

​“The dept​h of learning in the programme provided new insights into China, while the breadth of subjects covered gave me a chance to cross into new academic disciplines I would never have delved into elsewhere. Most importantly, the opportunity to learn from veteran China-watchers who taught the courses, and to have my perspectives sharpened by other like-minded students from multi-faceted backgrounds was the most invaluable part of the whole experience.”

Phua Chiew Hua (Class of 2014)
Deputy Commander (Training Curriculum & Policy) in Training Command
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore

​"If China were a sleeping lion, as described by Napoleon Bonaparte, has she woken up?

As I sought answers, I discovered MCGG enables students to acquire an advanced understanding of modern China through an interdisciplinary programme. The well-thought-out curriculum, delivered by respected China specialists, allowed me to widen my knowledge on China in a structured manner, while the lively classroom discussions and robust exchange of views deepened my insights into complex topics and issues. The learning experience was enhanced by an immersion trip to China and participation in a semester-long exchange programme at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

So, has China woken up and shaken the world? I would encourage you to explore MCGG to seek the answer yourself.”

Yong Chuk Kwin (Class of 2014)
Senior Vice President
DBS Bank

​“I have made a number of high profile C-level contacts during my tenure and have been in touch both personally and professionally with most of them. I also gained an in-depth knowledge of the underworkings and intricacies of development economics, principally that of China, other key movers and shakers, and contributory states and nations in the Belt and Road Initiative. The topics covered in the programme included corporate and global governance, and have provided interesting insights into the workings of such governmental and quasi-governmental organisations.”

Joel Pang (Class of 2014)

Chief Operating Officer
Crossbridge Capital Asia Pte Ltd

​“The programme has greatly enriched my understanding of China. What I like most about the programme is its multi-disciplinary nature covering politics, society, economics and history of China, with a wide range of electives to choose from. Apart from well-structured course content delivered by highly-regarded faculty members, I also benefited greatly from interactions with fellow classmates of diverse background, including several whom had worked or lived in China. The immersion trip also brought me to places and institutions which I would otherwise not be able to visit as an ordinary tourist travelling in China.” 

Lee Tiow Yong (Class of 2013)
Assistant Director-General
Singapore Customs

​“China’s emerging market is the most promising among developing countries. China’s new political, social and economic policies will determinate the new world structure. Therefore, it was vital for me to learn their history and understand how these changes will affect the market, in order to be prepared for what will be the future of Asia and the consequences for the rest of the world.”

Mr Guillermo Rodolfo Roa Urzua (Class of 2013) 
Regional Director (TP) Los Lagos, Chile 
Chile Government

​“The unique course topics challenged me to evaluate my own views on China and its stance on global governance. Through rigorous class discussions, I am enriched with in-depth knowledge of China and its world views, presenting me with a multitude of perspectives that is sometimes paradoxical – similar to today’s world. This has allowed me to apply the learnings to my everyday work and given me better leverage in my field.”

Eunice Neo (Class of 2013)
Se​nior Assistant Director
Work Pass Integrated Systems Programme Office
Ministry of Manpower

​“The depth of learning in MACC provided new insights into China, while the breadth of subjects covered gave me a chance to cross into new academic disciplines I would never have delved into elsewhere. Most importantly, the opportunity to learn from veteran China-watchers who taught the courses, and to have my perspectives sharpened by other like-minded students from multi-faceted backgrounds was the most invaluable part of the whole MACC experience. I believe all who have gone through the MACC journey will emerge not just with new knowledge or understanding, but also find a renewed passion for learning and receive a whole new lens in which to understand China better.”

Mr Chew Qi (Class of 2013)
Assistant Director
International Department, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

"With expertise on both China Studies and Global Governance, graduates will be sought after in the job market as many MNCs, SMEs and government bodies are looking experts cognisant of China and the world, as China is playing an increasingly important role in global governance with the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative."

Sophia Li (Class of 2012)
Marketing and Partnership Manager (Asia)

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

​“The programme has been very enriching for me. Across many topics, the professors raised thought-provoking issues, and the students from diverse backgrounds responded with robust, lively discussions and different perspectives. Another highlight of the programme is the China Immersion. In my case, I participated in the June 2009 immersion, which took us to Xi'an and Xinjiang, where we were exposed to different aspects of China."

Tan Teck Eng (Class of 2009)
Senior Vice-President
DBS Bank Singapore

“Studying China’s history, politics, and culture with students from across the world gave me a powerful appreciation for understanding trends and events through the perspectives of people with different backgrounds. It taught me to listen and ask questions, to search for common ground, and where there were disagreements, to explore them in a spirit of shared intellectual inquiry. Across my career, I have found myself returning to the id​eas and approaches I learned. In some sense, I feel these are themes very much a part of Singapore’s history and experience as a global trade hub, and my classroom discussions were made even more meaningful by the friends and connections I made outside of school, living in Singapore.”

Daniel Vallone (Class of 2008)
Fulbright Scholar
US Director
More in Common

​“My story: a Chinese speaking Norwegian studying Contemporary China in Singapore. It’s a sign of the times as China’s importance and influence are growing. After previous exposures to China I wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge and insights as to how China has become what it is, and also what’s in store for the future. In this respect, the Programme has greatly enabled me to acquire a fuller understanding and balanced view on what is China today.”


Andreas Thorud (Class of 2006)
(老/) ​
Chief Representative Greater China
Aker BioMarine


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