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Belt and Road Initiative

Launched in 2018, The Lien Research Programme on Belt and Road Initiative focuses on conducting policy-oriented research on the BRI. In line with the NTU’s Peaks of Excellence i.e. “Global Asia”, “Healthy Society” and “Secure Community”, this cluster of research hopes to understand BRI from a global and holistic perspective.

‘Singapore as a Nexus of the Maritime Silk Road: Knowledge Exchanges and Capacity Building’

In conjunction with the launch of the research programme, this two-day conference unpacked in greater depth critical issues, including but not limited to knowledge exchange and capacity building, that are mutually beneficial to both Southeast Asia and China.

BRI in Southeast Asia


Team: Prof Liu Hong (PI), Dr Guanie Lim

Analysed from through two angles, this project unpacks theories and frameworks from the traditions of international relations and international political economy. Findings drawn from observations/interviews on large-scale BRI projects such as high-speed railway and industrial parks will uncover how the BRI is impacting local level development to enrich the understanding on this issue by focusing on the contestation and cooperation of mainland Chinese business groups with their Southeast Asian counterparts (and their political patrons).

Approaching BRI from Singapore and ASEAN Perspectives


Team: Prof Liu Hong (PI), Dr Celia Lee, Dr Guanie Lim

This project aims to extend beyond the existing bodies of scholarship and from an ASEAN perspective to examine the fluid interplay among economic, political and societal factors between China and ASEAN in the BRI. Through the study to understand Singapore’s role as a global-Asia node for technology, innovation and enterprise between ASEAN and China.

Blue Book on BRI – A Collaboration with Lien Fellowship

Period: January 2020 to December 2021

Team: Prof Liu Hong (PI), Dr Celia Lee, Mr Hu Rong, Dr Guanie Lim

This is a collaborative initiative with the Lien Fellowship to conduct wide-scale policy-oriented research to look into potential areas/ roles ASEAN and particularly Singapore’s contribution as China embark on the new version of BRI and make recommendations to improving regional connectivity, holistic and sustainable development.

The Chinese Migrants and the BRI


Team: Prof Liu Hong (PI), Dr Zhang Huimei, Dr Ma Sirui

This project studies on the connection between Chinese Migrants from a historical perspective and the new Qiaoxiang ties in the era of BRI. As China is playing an increasingly important role in global migration debates, this study will shed light on regional and international migration governance to enhance talent mobility.

Stratagem Group – NTU – SINO-Singapore Dialogue


Team: Prof Liu Hong, Dr Celia Lee, Dr Ma Sirui

This is a series of dialogues co-organised with Stratagem Group that features leading scholars, government and business leaders to share their insights to provide holistic understanding of China and Southeast Asia’s perspectives on the opportunities for BRI across issues pertaining to economic, social, geopolitical, technology etc.​​​​​​​

“Seizing BRI opportunities through strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia” 

(5th October 2018)

“Opportunities in Southeast Asia through Sino-Singapore Cooperation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (18 June 2019)

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