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Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship


The Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship honours Dr Lien Ying Chow (1906-2004), who came to Singapore a penniless boy from China and eventually became a tycoon. Renowned for his acumen as a banker and hotelier, he was also a dedicated community leader, trusted diplomat and big-hearted philanthropist.

Self-taught, he believed in helping the poor and needy through formal schooling and in furthering the cause of higher education. He co-founded Nanyang University, the predecessor of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and established the Lien Foundation in 1980 to continue supporting social initiatives related to education.

In recent years, the Lien Foundation has joined hands with NTU in a series of initiatives that commemorate Dr Lien, such as the Lien Foundation-NTU Environmental Endeavour, the Lien Chinese Enterprise Research Centre, Lien Challenge and Lien Public Service Excellence Index for Chinese Cities. The Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship is also one of very important endeavour of them.

Inspired by Dr Lien’s close business and emotional links with China, the country of his birth, it also acknowledges his debt to Singapore, where he made his fortune. The Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship intentionally promotes the mutual development of Singapore and China, the two countries that were closest to his heart.

About Fellowship

The Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship supports leaders in Singapore and China in their professional advancement and personal development to address the cultural, business and communal needs for the two countries. The programme aspires to spawn Fellows, who, in partnership with others, will spearhead a process of change for the good of both countries.

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